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Utah Scalp Micropigmentation Center offers an exciting new method of hair restoration known as Scalp Micropigmentation.


Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP) is a cutting-edge hair loss treatment.  It is a non-invasive process in which sophisticated micro-needles are used to deposit pigment into the scalp. The technique, when applied by our experienced specialist, will replicate tiny hair follicles to restore thinning or receding hair to its previous density.


If you’re thinning, totally bald, have had hair transplants, or currently wear a system, this treatment can work for you!


Scalp Micropigmentation has now become one of the most viable and cost-effective solutions for Male Pattern Baldness. With natural results, quick recovery time, and minimal maintenance, many hair loss sufferers are choosing Scalp Micro-pigmentation to restore hairlines, erase baldness, thicken up remaining hair, treat transplant scars, and eradicate the effects of Alopecia.


During an SMP treatment, your Treatment Specialist will look to match your own  naturally shaved follicles (think 5 o’clock shadow) with tiny ink deposits that mimic stubble hair. They will apply small hair strokes wherever hair has thinned or been lost.


It is fully customizable, meaning you are able to control  the look you want by working with your Specialist on hairline style, scalp density, color, and more!

SMP VS The Alternatives

Hair Transplantation:

Hair transplants have evolved greatly since the days of large plug grafts. On the appropriate candidate, transplants can effectively restore hair by using grafts from the donor area (back of head) to place in thinning and receded areas. While transplantation can be a viable option, it certainly comes with risks.

  • Often patients are left with irritating surgical scars in the back of the head, sometimes exposed due to lack of hair coverage.

  • For those suffering from great degrees of hair loss, there is often not enough donor hair to sufficiently and aesthetically cover all the balding

  • Many times patients need to return for further surgeries to get the desired density, possibly meaning additional scarring and out-patient recovery.

Hair Systems:

Hair systems have also improved greatly from your Uncle’s ghastly wig. For the right price, a hair system can be virtually undetectable. But hair system wearers are often unhappy with the continued monthly maintenance, lifestyle restrictions, and high continued costs.


Prescription drugs like Propecia are advertised to help halt the progression of thinning hair. Minoxidil, commonly found in Rogaine, is approved to stop thinning in the crown region of the scalp. While these options can help to slow the onset of male pattern baldness, it is often too little too late. Many claim they see no change in their hair situation. They are costly and come with possible nasty health side effects.

The Hassle-Free, Low Maintenance Alternative

Scalp Micro-Pigmentation is quickly becoming the must-have image enhancement procedure for men and women. People are realizing that Utah Hair Repair’s SMP service is able to give back style and confidence – immediately and non-invasively.


Scalp Micropigmentation beats the alternative hair loss solutions because of its natural results, quick recovery time, and low maintenance. Hair loss sufferers see an INSTANT difference even after the first treatment. Some of the benefits of SMP include:



  • No surgery: the procedure is non-invasive and requires no surgical incisions. That means no scarring.

  • Minimal Maintenance: After treatment, we hope you return to the activities you enjoyed before hair loss became a daily struggle. Little to no continued maintenance means a hassle-free style.

  • Unlimited style options: Whereas hair transplantation is limited to the amount of available donor hair, SMP can deliver a high density follicular restoration to the exact style preferences of the client.

  • Cost-effective: Less expensive than transplants, hair systems, and long term medication, SMP will leave your bank account healthy enough to enjoy the newly found confidence.

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